The founder of the business David Waiting (1944-2004) had a lifelong passion for engineering and from a young age he had an inventive mind and a vision. His vision however did not fit the criteria of the education he was in at the time………During his apprenticeship through Newton Rigg Engineering College he served his time at West Cumberland Farmers, at which his lunch times weren’t spent reading the daily papers, they were spent designing and building his own digger. Not something that went down to well with his employers, therefore his services at WCF were terminated and he left with little in the way of formal education.

His vision was then realised and through his passion for engineering has resulted in the fleet we have today.

If there was not a piece of equipment out there to buy to do a job, then he would go ahead and design and build one. We have many examples of this still in our fleet today such as the mastenbroek 25/20 trenchless machine. This was manufactured to install land drainage, however wanting to expand the company’s capabilities in the utility industry, he saw an opportunity to install PE pipe in open land with this machine. So with a little research and development, the mastenbroek was modified to do just that. The machine has been used to install thousands of miles of water mains throughout the UK and still remains active.

The early years weren’t just about establishing a construction company, they were about laying the foundations for a different type of company, one that has vision to engineer out problems and be simply the best.

The company continues to be led by the Waiting’s family. Victoria Waiting led the company until recently and now Robert Waiting leads the way with Adrian Ash. Both of which maintain the founders vision and values along with expanding our scope of works to enable us to grow within the industry.


Mr Waitings early college work


The first digger built by Mr Waiting