Pipelines – Utilities
Since 1970 we have specialised in the installation of utilities; water, sewers, gas and cables for clients in both the public and private sectors.
We offer full turnkey packages from design to completion, ensuring we provide our clients with the most cost efficient, professional, robust solution.


Planning and Design
Our project management team offer a professional design service encouraging early contractor involvement.
Using the latest engineering technology and many years of practical experience, we provide the client with the best solution to reduce construction costs, providing long term asset solutions.

Easement Establishment
Creating a good working relationship with land owners and agents is key to us in providing the client with access and easement establishment.
We undertake all accommodation works to ensure a stockproof corridor. Soil handling activities are carried out using specialist low ground pressure earth moving equipment.
Soils can be protected, sealed and sprayed using licensed herbicides to promote regeneration on reinstatement.
Stringing and Jointing
Our certified and experienced teams using dedicated pipe handling equipment undertake the welding and stringing of PE pipework and the distribution of spigot and socket pipes of various materials.


With so many methods of installation available, we are constantly developing our skill set offering our clients the most cost effective and environmentally efficient solutions.
Some of our installation methods include:-

  • Open Trench
  • Moleplough


The moleplough method which we pioneered in the 1980’s offers a safe system of work with no man entry in adverse ground conditions. With our ability and the methods suitability for cross country pipelines we have been proud to receive many environmental awards.
Other key benefits include:-
Narrow working width, no requirement for easement fencing, no requirement for top soil strip, reduced trafficking, no requirement for bed and surround.

  • Directional Drill
  • Narrow Width Trenching
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Auger Boring